Prices of Homes for Sale in College Station, TX Gauge State of Market

Researchers found out that it’s possible to get at least a rough draft of prices of quality homes for sale in College Station, TX and elsewhere. Two methods come to mind. First, the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) used the Case-Shiller home price index. Second, a joint effort used tightness of the housing market as a basis.

It pays to know that a home’s real estate listing price may not necessarily be its final price. According to the FRB study, the seller stands little to gain by publishing the property’s sale price, at least right away. It takes several months after the sale before the price of the unit gets published.


2013 Texas Housing Market Surge a Boon for College Station Realtors

A strong real estate market will stir up activities among experienced realtors, such Traditions Realty Team, a company that specializes in properties in the Bryan and College Station areas. These cities offer a range of different properties for sale, including commercial storefronts, industrial buildings, and of course, residential housing—properties to match the need of any prospective investor. The renowned Texas A&M University in College Station creates for the city a built-in customer base of college students, faculty, and school workers on the lookout for affordable housing.

With the current real estate market on the upswing, potential homebuyers and property investors will find more favorable reasons—expanded inventory, housing affordability, accommodating mortgage lending services—to buy their property now.


Realtors in College Station, Other Texan Cities Express Optimism

In January 2014, sales of newly built single-family homes were at a seasonally adjusted yearly rate of 468,000 units, according to estimates from the US Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The figures show a 9.6 percent increase from the revised rate of 427,000 last December, and is also 2.2 percent higher than the 458,000 estimate set in January 2014. All in all, the market tallied a median home price of $260,100 for January this year, with the average selling price ticking at $322,800. The figures represent a 4.7-month long property supply, based on the current sales rate.

These statistics are strongly prompting experienced realtors in College Station and all other Texan cities to remain positive. For residential properties, experts predict minimal price increases.


Special Grant Eases Acquisition of Real Estate in College Station

The classes are offered statewide free-of-charge, usually on weekend evenings. Upon completion of the course, certificates are handed out to participants. These certificates are required from loan applicants who are also requesting for down payment assistance. Interested applicants can also choose to learn online, as the courses are also available on the web.

Acquiring real estate in College Station or other locations in Texas has never been easier for low and mid-level income people and selected professionals. The new grant is integrated into three important home assistance programs for Texans, namely the Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Program for low income families or individuals; the Homes for Texas Heroes for firefighters, security and EMS personnel; and the Professional Educators Home Loan Program for teachers and other school personnel.


Homes for Sale in College Station—Why Work With a Tech-savvy Agent?

According to, 92 percent of homebuyers used the Internet in their home search in 2013, with 42 percent saying that browsing online was their first step in looking for the ideal property to purchase, and 14 percent saying they used the Internet to learn about the home-buying process. Additionally, 22 percent of mobile searchers reported they ultimately purchased a home using a mobile application.

Many agents barely scratch the surface of technology’s potential, using their mobile devices simply to make calls and check emails. Luckily, there are real estate companies like Traditions Realty Team that know how to make existing technology work for you. Browse through houses for sale in College Station and find your dream home with their help.


College Station Realtors, Businesses to Find 100K Milestone a Boom

“In fact, Hester’s outlook for the city has already become a big boon to top realtors in College Station handling both residential and commercial property deals – even before the city reached 100,000 inhabitants. Last January, three new restaurants (Boneheads, Willie’s Grill and Pappadeaux) opened on Restaurant Row, across from the Hilton Hotel on University Drive, all of which are situated within the greater Bryan/College Station area.
The restaurants are great additions to the city, considering that a growing population means an increase in the demand for commercial services. The connection to additional movers is quite clear – if people see College Station as a city aptly providing its residents with enough amenities for a high quality of living, they wouldn’t hesitate moving in and settling within the city.


How Realtors in College Station, Texas Help with Home Acquisition

“Aside from helping clients choose the best properties and neighborhoods, real estate professionals can also lend a hand when it comes to financial matters. After finding a property that suits the requirements of the client, the realty team’s local experts may provide valuable advice and help regarding funding and mortgage concerns.

Leading realtors in College Station, TX like The Traditions Realty Team even have a branch dedicated to handling home selling or sales. Versed with securing the appropriate prices and features for each listing, such a reputable company ensures that buyers acquire quality homes – a worthy investment.